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Are you curious as to whether you need a business profile on Instagram?  Do you share your work on your website? Does your business have a Facebook page? Do you really need to pay a webmaster? Can you manage your online presence?  Do you know what your analytics are?  Does your website have a chatbot?  What are your engagements?


Social media & your online presence  are important tools in your business's marketing toolbox but both can be incredibly confusing.  In the simplest sense,  learning the 5 W's, Who, What, Where, When and Why apply to social media.


For your website - ask yourself this, are you selling anything? If not - you need the most basic of websites.  This doesn't mean plain, ugly or boring. You still need content and you still need a way for your customers to reach you and learn about you.  

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Administrative Coaching sets up basic administration that helps the small business, or any business, be more efficient in those tasks that are often tedious but necessary. Sometimes this helps an owner determine what kind of administrative assistance they need. Do you need someone to help with scheduling? What is the local rate for an Executive Assistant? How is that different from an Administrative Assistant or a Secretary? Do you have a high turnover of administrative staff? It's not just about the hourly wage - though that can matter if you are advertising an Executive Assistant position but paying a receptionist wage. Let's chat about your needs and how I can help you fulfill those.

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